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q18: During 2017:

q18: During 2017:
i: whose lasting legacy will be J9?
ii: who has travelled to southern Mexico in search of moles?
iii: what meteorological event recalled a favourite worst nightmare?
iv: what proved to be massively more than a wash pot for the troglodytes?
v: which global record-breaker achieved his goal at the Arc de Triomphe, rather than in Pall Mall?
vi: whose revelation of the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world has been nobly rewarded?
vii: where has inflation seen a significant increase from tuppence per person per trip?
viii: what unique occurrence featured in a home win by 15-8 in Helsinki?
ix: which uniquely successful Son of the Wind has ceased to blow?
x: which sometime gasman is sadly no longer At Large?
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