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q17: According to The Ploughman:

q17: According to The Ploughman:
i: what rins wimpling clear?
ii: what is repeatedly crystal and winding?
iii: what is foaming down its ain green narrow strath?
iv: by what winding stream do bounding hawthorns gaily bloom?
v: by whose bonie banks did Stewart and Murray muster a’ their powers?
vi: which struggling river toils thro’ the gap, to a horrid boiling caldron below?
vii: by what Water, tho’ I hae nae meikle tocher, will we tent our flocks?
viii: along whose flowery banks should we all our vows renew?
ix: by what does Autumn erect his aged head?
x: what pours with gurgling sound?
Tags: wiki-illiam
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