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q14: In which hostelry

q14: In which hostelry?
i: do we always get bacon each day of the year?
ii: did the Anti-muffs feast off goose, followed by Goliahs?
iii: would the well-favoured sexagenarian Abigail serve purl and other beverages?
iv: did the Professor of Logic and Rhetoric spend the night after disembarking at Leith pier?
v: did Charles and Emma dine on their first evening with the obnoxious, velvet-capped, pharmacist?
vi: did Joseph stop for a mug of ale when carrying the childbirth casualty, Fanny, in the new spring wagon to the church?
vii: did two former residents of Beaulieu Abbey join the veteran bowman from Crooksbury?
viii: did the boastful redheaded landscape painter throw whisky in the Englishman’s face?
ix: was the billiard table already occupied by three overnight guests?
x: did the whopper weigh in at thirty pound and a half?
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