dubdobdee (dubdobdee) wrote,


i: Whose dream inspired Dykes?
ii: Who beheld the faces of man, lion, ox and eagle?
iii: Who saw seven golden candlesticks from his home on a Dodecanese island?
iv: What vision of Breton women was depicted following a sermon at Pont Aven?
v: Which Sephardic Jew had a vision of Christ inviting him to follow him as a 16-year-old Rugby pupil?
vi: Where did Jacinta and two other juvenile shepherds have a vision of a lady in white, holding a rosary?
vii: Who suffered three days of blindness following an illuminating vision, while journeying in Syria?
viii: Whose visions involved instructions from Michael, Catherine and Margaret?
ix: In what did the poet have a vision of commercially-laden heavens?
x: Whose vision was sculpted by Bernini?
Tags: wiki-illiam
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