dubdobdee (dubdobdee) wrote,


i: Who claimed to be Larger than Life after a change of heart?
ii: Which Apple cultivar benefited from hepatic replacement for 2½ years?
iii: Who famously moved Bino’s heart in a Rush but it lasted only 90 minutes?
iv: What was Ronald’s most famous Christmas present to his twin brother Richard?
v: Which test cricketer’s accidental death enabled 10 people to benefit from organ donation?
vi: Which knight was helped to cut his way to a Chair by the canines Lollipop and TweedleDee?
vii: Which footballer travelled from Catalonia to Piraeus via Monte Carlo after a Greffe du Foie?
viii: What can be salvaged in the course of cardiac surgery to provide vital T-cells?
ix: Whose pioneering surgery partly corrected Ca(OH)2 damage in Olomouc?
x: which antirejection drug takes its name from the land of the Moai?
Tags: wiki-illiam
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