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q8: unravel the towns in

q8: unravel the towns in
i: There are busy rails between Waterloo and St David’s.
ii: In the Westonbirt lacrosse match Helen scored twice for us.
iii: During his D of E, bird watching provided an estuarine diversion.
iv: Kent CCC needed the scorer to travel to the St Lawrence Ground.
v: From the Shooting Times – “Midland man got spaniel to train as gun dog”.
vi: Although the brewery no longer dominates, the pachydermal weather vane survives.
vii: O’Neill must have prayed for King James, but surely God heard him not.
viii: Anglers on the Great Ouse were making chub the catch of the day.
ix: A notice in Galgate stated “Room to rent. Crab salad for supper.”
x: 10 Kenney played this drum, as a guest, after the first chukka.
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