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i: Who wrote to his secretary on sheets of Tibby’s disgraceful notepaper?
ii: Who received a letter reviling the Cretians as liars, evil beasts and slow bellies?
iii: Who received a letter from the publican of the Cockchafer demanding £10 following the Derby?
iv: Whose depiction of the reading of a letter includes a map of Holland and West Friesland by van Berckenrode?
v: Who, in her letters to her psychiatrist, addressed him as Mon Capitaine and challenged the doctor-patient relationship?
vi: Whose letter described his marriage to the recipient’s cousin and their subsequent honeymoon in Naples, before returning to Florence?
vii: Whose letter from his prison cell implored his brother-in-law to repossess his lodgings in the Rue de la Croix Blanche?
viii: Which letter of dubious provenance appeared in the national press and was followed by a Tory landslide?
ix: Who wrote to Ellen enquiring as to whether her new husband was mad or the devil?
x: Who wrote to Harriet about her impending trip to Gretna Green with George?
Tags: wiki-illiam
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