dubdobdee (dubdobdee) wrote,


i: Whence the minty bivalves?
ii: Where does Lough’s hero from Trafalgar gaze out to sea?
iii: Which lofty resident was beheaded during inclement weather in September 1941?
iv: Where were echinoderm fossils collected for rosaries and named after a former bishop?
v: Where is “the junction of streams by the hill”, a name, confusingly, unconnected with the railway?
vi: Where was the famed wood-engraver obliged to complete his taurine portrait from the safety of a tree?
vii: From where did the grandson of Old Rowley leave home prior to his capture at Preston?
viii: Which building, “huge and square”, owes its origin to Oswald’s great-grandfather?
ix: Where does Hotspur straddle between Within and Without?
x: Where does Wor Jackie stand in Station Road?
Tags: wiki-illiam
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