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wiki-illiam #113 (scire ubi aliquid invenire possis ea demum maxima pars eruditionis est)*

RUBRIC: welcome to the LJ wing of a quiz** sat for 112 years by some lucky schoolkids*** somewhere and etc blah blah: viz 18 themed sets of 10 questions each -- a new one every day (more or less). Don't put googled answers up till after the next question appears -- to let others show off their BRANES -- and note where they are googled (or borrowed off of rival sites with good answers). OFF WE GO!

1. During 1917:
i: who provided details of life at Sherborne?
ii: how was the legacy of Frederick Augustus discarded?
iii: where did the British military adviser accidentally shoot his camel?
iv: what city was devastated as a result of a Franco/Norwegian combination?
v: whose apparently treasonable declaration was attributed to shellshock, thus sparing him court martial?
vi: and whose declaration was penned for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland?
vii: by what vehicle was Mexico offered the reconquest of the 28th state and two others?
viii: who described a memorable wildfowl experience in County Galway?
ix: who was H-21, who faced 12 riflemen in Vincennes?
x: how did the Isle of Man provide Turkish Delight?

*= latin for: "real actual knowledge is knowin how to google**** stuff"
**as published every year in the guardian just before xmas (answers some time in the new year)
***all the boys of king williams school on the isle of man sit it sight unseen then take the paper home during holidays and look stuff up to increase their score and retake it
****… which these days very quickly takes you to other forums suggesting answers for this same quiz: so our rules here are AS ABOVE. ObviouslY googling is OK, but if you do it straight away let others have a chance :)
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