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i: Who combined with Terboven?
ii: Who developed a way to deal with Jarlsberg?
iii: Whose 32 holes can secure entry for hotel guests?
iv: Whose head-turning tool is favoured by some accoucheurs?
v: Who succeeded with Gjøa, where Terror and Erberus had failed?
vi: Who travelled from el Callao to French Polynesia with assistance from Humboldt?
vii: Who was in conflict with Neisser over his eponymous disease?
viii: Who, according to Snorri, fell to a thrust from the Hound?
ix: Who was the first, and was succeeded by Dag?
x: Who has been worth 100 crowns since 1997?

i: As 'Minister-President', VIDKUN QUISLING jointly headed the state administration of Nazi-occupied Norway, with Josef Terboven (googled by jeff_worrell)
iii: TOR SØRNES' VingCard lock, a 32-hole mechanical keycard, was the forerunner to today's electronic ones. (googled by sbp)
v: ROALD AMUNDSEN, traversing the north-west passage (known by dubdobdee)
vi: Thor Heyerdahl's KON TIKI floated this route in the Pacific, in 1947 (known by dubdobdee)
viii: Snorri is presumably SNORRI SNURLUSON, author of the Prose Edda: the hound being GARMR (aka GARM aka acc.some FENRIR), who is a primary cause of RAGNAROK -- but I can't work out who he "thrusts" at (he's bites off the hand of the god TYR) (known by thebopkids, semi-confirmed by dubdobdee)
ix: TRYGVE LIE succeeded DAG HAMMERSKJÖLD as secretary-general of the UN (dubdobdee knew Dag, belecrivain knew Lie)
x: Since 1997, the Norwegian 100 kroner note has portrayed opera singer and first director of the Norwegian National Opera KIRSTEN FLAGSTAD. (Tentative suggestion by belecrivain, google-confirmed by jeff_worrell)
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