dubdobdee (dubdobdee) wrote,

he'd rather be on horseback <--- :)

kudos for boyofbadgers last night for correctly calling what are "angels on horseback" despite mass derision fro his ignorant fellow shovellers

DDD: what are angels on horseback?
BoB: isn't it oysters with bacon?
DDD: *looks sceptical*
BoB: or an oyster on a sausage, something like that?
everyone: *tremendous glee at the idea it might be an "oyster on a sausage"
DDD: so what are devils on horseback?
barnetape: prunes with bacon!

angels on horseback:
YOU WILL NEED: 24 oysters, 12 bacon streaky rashers, 12 small slices toast, butter, watercress

devils on horseback:
YOU WILL NEED: 24 prunes, 12 rashers streaky bacon, 12 small slices toast, 2oz mango chutney, butter, watercress

amber's devils on horseback:
YOU WILL NEED: 1 pound bay or sea scallops, rinsed and drained, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 cloves garlic minced, lemon pepper to taste

stilton on horseback:
YOU WILL NEED: 6 oz Stilton mature cheese (rind removed, cut into 16 pieces), 2 stalks celery thickly sliced, 16 large pitted prunes (no need to soak), 8oz sweet cure bacon strips

and etc

("oyster on a sausage" = angels on no-blanket piggiback!)
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