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i: Which young tricyclist made lunch for Ponto?
ii: Whose delivery on Merrie England was marred by intoxication?
iii: Who worried his wife episodically for 21 years in Parkwood Hill?
iv: Described by a poet laureate, who reluctantly joined the night-riders of Devon?
v: Who, after losing two days and a boat, discharged himself from an East Anglian hospital?
vi: Whose well-meant ministerial flounderings were treated by his staff with both deference and duplicity?
vii: Who dealt with Israel, Abraham and Benjamin, and had bad dreams of booming surf?
viii: Who, in a maritime emergency, ungrammatically recommended cannibalism?
ix: Who had a hairy breast and was fixed up prime in Miss Watson’s will?
x: Which PI kept his mobile home on Beach Road?

i: JIM, Who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion (poem by Hillaire Belloc)
ii: Kingsley Amis's LUCKY JIM (known by marnameow)
iii: JIM DALE from radioshow Mrs Dale's Diary (known by sbp)
iv: John Masefield's JIM DAVIES is a tale of smugglers in Devon in 1812 (Masefield guessed by dubdobdee, google-checked by jeff)
v: JIM BRADING in Arthur Ransome's We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea (known by alextiefling)
vi: JIM HACKER in Yes, Minister (guessed by braisedbywolves)
vii: JIM HAWKINS in Treasure Island (guessed by dubdobdee)
viii: GUZZLING JIMMY in Thackeray's 'Little Billee' (googled by jeff_worrell)
ix: is JIM in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (proposed by braisedbywolves, google-confirmed by dubdobdee)
x: JIM ROCKFORD (played by James Garner) in The Rockford Files (guessed by dubdobdee)
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