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i: Whose nom de plume was Rex West?
ii: Which redhead was likened to Ahab’s wife?
iii: Who were sent down for squirting soda-water at the Senior Tutor?
iv: Who was adjudged the winner of the Jubilee Stakes following a feline incursion?
v: To which courting gentleman was it proposed to give the alpine hat rather than burning it?
vi: Who got 14 days for searching fully-clothed for amphibians in the fountain beneath Nelson’s column?
vii: Whose repertoire was apparently confined to a single-digit rendering of The Rosary?
viii: Which marksman scored six consecutive direct hits on the game pie?
ix: Who was sent to bed for putting sherbet in the ink?
x: Who masqueraded as George Wilson?

i: is side-whiskered poet and novelist PERCY GORRINGE in Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit (googled by dubdobdee)
ii: BOBBIE WICKHAM is called a "carrot-topped Jezebel" by Kipper Herring in Jeeves in the Offing (googled by catsgomiaow)
iii: Bertie's cousins the twins CLAUDE and EUSTACE WOOSTER (guessed by catsgomiaow, google-confirmed by dubdobdee)
iv: The race was awarded to Colonel Briscoe's SIMLA, despite a black and white cat running onto the course and unseating the jockey, in Aunts Aren't Gentlemen (Googled by katstevens)
v: The hat went to MR BUTTERFIELD, in Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves. (Googled by katstevens)
vi: GUSSIE FINK-NOTTLE, after newts in THE MATING SEASON (guessed then googled by katstevens)
vii: the piano player is FREDDIE BULLIVANT in the story "Fixing It For Freddie" (reluctantly known by non-fan jeff_worrell)
ix: The KID CLEMENTINA from a short story in VERY GOOD JEEVES! (guessed by katstevens, google-confirmed by dubdobdee)
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