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i: 1 Who knew how to locate rubiginosa and moschata?
ii: Which monarch witnessed the statue of his late consort coming to life?
iii: Who regretted the trip to North Africa, believing his son to have perished?
iv: Who resolved with fellow-scholars to diet and remain celibate for a triennium?
v: Whose murder was signalled by the screaming of an owl and the crying of crickets?
vi: Whose ambassador urged the King of England to stand down in favour of his nephew?
vii: Who received conflicting pleas from Edward’s representative and from Margaret?
viii: Which vanquished monarch agreed to present his daughter to the victor?
ix: Which monarch accidentally poisoned his wife instead of his nephew?
x: Who devised a riddle regarding his own incestuous relationship?

i: ok it’s OBERON not TITANIA (she sleeps at the bank), rubiginosa = eglantine, moschata = musk-rose, it’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (dubdobdee confirmed his guess)
ii: LEONTES in A WINTER’S TALE (semi-guessed dubdobdee, confirmed marnameow)
iii: is ALONSO (Ferdinand's dad) in THE TEMPEST (semi-guessed dubdobdee, known by [Bad username: kerry polka])
iv: the KING OF NAVARRE in LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST (googled by dubdobdee, attempting to confirm belecrivain's guess)
v: DUNCAN in MACBETH (dubdobdee confirmed his guess)
vi: at the start of the eponymous KING JOHN, the KING OF FRANCE urges John to stand down in favour of ARTHUR (known by jeff and [Bad username: kerry polka])
vii: LOUIS XI of France in HENRY VI part 3 (semi-guessed dubdobdee, known by [Bad username: kerry polka])
viii: the KING OF FRANCE agrees after Agincourt to let his daughter CATHERINE OF VALOIS marry HENRY V in the eponymous play (tentatively known by alextiefling) (to be fair henry and catherine rather woo one another, w/o really knowning one another’s languages)
ix: CLAUDIUS poisons a cup meant for the eponymous HAMLET (dubdobdee confirmed his guess)
x: ANTIOCHUS in PERICLES PRINCE OF TYRE (known by [Bad username: kerry polka])
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