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i: In what building did 007 find time to fix Chang?
ii: Where did Richard and Renata drink Montgomerys?
iii: For which orphanage did il Prete Rosso write much of his music?
iv: From what striking eminence would Maleficio signal an execution?
v: Which edifice was decorated with a great biblical cycle over 24 years by the Little Dyer?
vi: What was compared unfavourably with Westminster and Blackfriars by the classical tourist?
vii: Into what did Cross leap from his hotel balcony during his honeymoon?
viii: What has, appropriately, risen from the ashes on three occasions?
ix: Where is the hiding place of Leonardo’s encircled quadruped?
x: What was Francesconi’s “triumphant” foundation?

WE’RE IN VENICE, and not doing very well :(
i: James Bond throws Drax’s henchman Chang out of the (priceless) window of the VENICE CLOCK TOWER in Moonraker (googled by dubdobdee)
iii: il Prete Rosso (the Red Priest) = Vivaldi (via jeff_worrell), but we need the LOCATION
v: the Little Dyer = Tintoretto (via jeff_worrell), whose cycle can be found at the SCUOLA DI SAN ROCCO (via thebopkids)
vi: the BRIDGE OF SIGHS or similar possibly unfavourably compared to Westminster/Blackfriars (wonders thebopkids: needs confirmation)
viii: the FENICE (Phoenix) theatre burned down twice (guessed by katstevens, confirmed by thebopkids)
ix: this is Leonardo’s picture of Man (not a horse or cow) (via sbp) but we need the LOCATION
x: Francesconi possibly opened the COFFEE HOUSE in Venice (believes thebopkids: needs confirmation)
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