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i: For whom am I lonely tonight?
ii: What preacher is a twitcher’s “tick”?
iii: Who played Ludwig and later Manfred?
iv: What was Barberini’s gift to Charles’s consort at Amiens?
v: Where do the challenged start at Scott’s and finish at Abbotsford?
vi: By whom was Laurie seduced under a haywagon after drinking alcohol?
vii: With what deathbed word did Welles’s greatest production begin?
viii: What foundered when confronted by d’Annebault’s fleet?
ix: What label depicts a Vila Real palace?
x: What is the exanthem of HHV-6B?

i: is the ROSE OF TRALEE (googled by thebopkids)
ii: is the ROSY STARLING (a twitcher’s tick bcz it’s a great spot for a birdwatcher) (googled by sbp)
iii: is CLIFFORD ROSE, in TV’s Secret Army and Kessler (googled by jeff_worrell)
iv: is the GOLDEN ROSE, given by POPE URBAN VIII (=Taddeo Barberini)to HENRIETTA MARIA of England and Scotland (half-guessed by belecrivain, google-confirmed by sbp)
v: is the ROSE STREET PUB CRAWL in Edinburgh (known by jeff_worrell)
vi: Laurie Lee by ROSIE, in the former’s Cider with Rosie (guessed by dubdobdee)
vii: Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane begins with the word ROSEBUD (guessed by dubdobdee)
viii: the ship the MARY ROSE (guessed by former lj user ktee)
ix: is MATEUS ROSE WINE, feat. the Mateus Palace in Vila Real, Portugal (guessed then google-confirmed by sbp)
x: probably ROSEOLA (HHV being human herpes virus) (googled by jauntyalan)
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