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q5: In which encounter(s):

q5 In which encounter(s):
i: were Bluebirds cut down by Blades?
ii: did which milliners get lost in the Forest?
iii: did hooting get the better of Mavis’s song?
iv: did canines emulate Godwinson at the second attempt?
v: did discoloured felines fix the game birds, by then out of season?
vi: did military ordnance surprisingly prove no match for farm machinery?
vii: was the flock well and truly shaken in palatial surroundings?
viii: were vulpes vanquished by their larger relatives?
ix: did magpies make an unlikely citrus meal?
x: was the web twice successfully escaped?

FA CUP FINALS, via team nicknames
i: 1924–25 Sheffield United 1–0 Wales Cardiff City (proposed carsmilesteve, confirmed sbp)
ii: 1958–59 Nottingham Forest 2–1 Luton Town (Hatters) (proposed carsmilesteve, confirmed sbp)
iii: 1934–35 Sheffield Wednesday (owls) 4–2 West Bromwich Albion (throstle =song thrush on badge) (via sbp)
iv: 1921–22 Huddersfield Town (Terriers) 1–0 Preston North End Stamford Bridge (= Chelsea's ground; Godwinson = Harold, winner of battle of same) (via sbp)
v: v) 1972–73 Sunderland (Black cats) 1–0 Leeds United (Peacocks) (proposed carsmilesteve, confirmed sbp) (ruudboy notes: In 1973, of course, Sunderland weren't the Black Cats yet so this question doesn't quite work”)
vi: 1977–78 Ipswich Town (tractor boys) 1–0 Arsenal (gunners) (proposed carsmilesteve, confirmed sbp)
vii: 1902–03 Bury (the Shakers) 6–0 Derby County (Rams) at Crystal Palace (via sbp and ruudboy)
viii: 1948–49 Wolverhampton (Wolves) 3–1 Leicester (Foxes) (proposed by carsmilesteve, checked by sbp's useful link)
ix: 1950–51 Newcastle United (magpies) 2–0 Blackpool (tangerines) (via sbp)
x: 1883–84 Blackburn Rovers 2–1 Scotland Queen's Park (spiders) PLUS 1884–85 Blackburn Rovers 2–0 Scotland Queen's Park (via sbp)
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