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i: What started off as a fluke?
ii: Where did the names of four Frisian islands reappear?
iii: Between which ports did the “Devil Boat” carry cattle?
iv: Which fictional island witnessed a wartime transit of Venus?
v: On which island did the fruit-drop-addicted evangelist sprout wings and horns?
vi: Which Lieut. Governor, misled by disinformation, was court-martialled for surrendering?
vii: Which “tailor-made” Victorian siblings were decorated “FOR VALOUR”?
viii: Where does midnight mask the reared heads of seven rocks?
ix: Where did Superb founder on a sightseeing diversion?
x: Who is nominally represented in NC and NJ?

ALL QUESTIONS INVOLVE THE CHANNEL ISLANDS (inhabited islands not yet mentioned include Herm, Jethou, Brecqhou aka Brechou); uninhabited islets include Écréhous, Les Dirouilles, Les Pierres de Lecq (aka the Paternosters), Burhou, Casquets, Ortac, Renonquet, Crevichon, Grande Amfroque, Les Houmets, Lihou… )

ii: Lagers BORKUM and HELGOLAND, SYLT and NORDERNAY were respectively two work camps and two concentration camps established on ALDERNEY in WW2 (googled jeff_worrell, who had earlier guessed the Nazi occupation would feature in a Q on the Channel Islands)
iii: in Victor Hugo’s Toilers of the Sea, the “Devil Boat” carried cattle between St Malo and GUERNSEY
v: is SARK (the evangelist is Mervyn Peake's MR PYE: correctly guessed dubdobdee)
vi: MOSES CORBET in 1781 (googled kat
vii: is the SARTORIUS BROTHERS, educated on Jersey (their name means ‘tailor-made’: both won VCs (alextiefling via another site)
ix: In 1850, near LES MINQUIERES (aka the MINKIES), the SUPERB diverted to rubberneck the very recent site of the wreck of the POLKA (SUPERB had several POLKA survivors aboard) and itself struck a rock (googled by sbp
x: is the Jersey-born GEORGE CARTERET, a British politician during the Restoration with places named after him in North Carolina (NC) and New Jersey (NJ): he features often in Pepys’ diaries (googled jeff_worrell)
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