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wiki-illiam #112 (scire ubi aliquid invenire possis ea demum maxima pars eruditionis est)*

RUBRIC: welcome to the LJ wing of a quiz** sat for 111 years by some lucky schoolkids*** somewhere and etc blah blah: viz 18 themed sets of 10 questions each -- a new one every day (more or less). Don't put googled answers up till after the next question appears -- to let others show off their BRANES -- and note where they are googled (or borrowed off of rival sites with good answers). OFF WE GO!

1 In the year 1916:
i: who won 277-254?
ii: which aristocrat fell prey to an eagle?
iii: who released a story involving the mysterious “v. I”?
iv: whose 4th was completed but could not be extinguished?
v: who experienced what would later be listed as his funniest moment?
vi: what well-remembered observation followed explosions on Indefatigable and Queen Mary?
vii: whose prosecution was aided by an adjustment of punctuation?
viii: where, uniquely, was an elephant hanged for murder?
ix: how was Vermouth the toast of Sussex?
x: how did Ali Baba resurface?

i: is US PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON, who defeated the Republican Evans Hughes (combination carsmilesteve and dubdobdee)
ii: is KARL von STÜRGHK, Prime Minister of Austria at the time of his assassination by Friedrich Adler on 21 October 1916 ("Adler" = German for eagle). Googled by jeff_worrell
iii: is from JOHN BUCHAN'S GREENMANTLE (via jeff_worrell's google: the only clue is a piece of paper with three words written on it, Kasredin, cancer, v. I.; for fuller quote see comments)
v: jauntyalan) wonders if this is CHAPLIN (not yet confirmed)
vi: was "There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today", said by Admiral of the (British) Fleet DAVID BEATTY (googled jauntyalan)
vii: is ROGER CASEMENT cf comma chameleon (guessed dubdobdee, google-confirmed jauntyalan)
viii: MARY THE ELEPHANT was hanged (more accurately lynched) in Erwin, Tennessee (googled jauntyalan)
ix: VERMOUTH won the Grand National that year (googled jauntyalan)
x: Ali Baba resurfaced in the musical CHU CHIN CHOW (googled jauntyalan and katstevens)

*= latin for: "real actual knowledge is knowin how to google**** stuff"
**as published every year in the guardian just before xmas (answers some time in the new year)
***all the boys of king williams school on the isle of man sit it sight unseen then take the paper home during holidays and look stuff up to increase their score and retake it
****the setters used to claim they've checked nothing is INSTANTLY googleable, tho this claim seems quite porous...
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