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q18 and last

18: During 2015:

i: which popular character fell to a Minnesota toxophilite?
ii: whose crown-scarred skull has found a final resting place?
iii: where has a polychrome hybrid of Galanthus been relaunched?
iv: which archiepiscopal foundation has closed its doors after 432 years?
v: for which sleuth has his luscinial escapade now turned out to be his swan song?
vi: which anthem, played in error, was equally erroneously attributed to Kazakhstan?
vii: which six-times winner did his final lap almost 65 years after his first victory?
viii: how has Suffragette militancy progressed to Suffragen achievement?
ix: how did a redesigned garden contribute to gold in China?
x: how has Bellerophon returned at the expense of Aquila?

VERY INCOMPLETE: we need iii, iv, vii, ix and x!
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